Anonymous said: Oh brother, I guess you think Jennifer Lawrence is going to see you defending her on your blog and think "What a great guy!" ... Hey stupid, she isn't going to fall for you just because you had a little rant defending. If you don't want nude pictures of yourself leaked - don't take nude pictures! Btw, real moral and decent blog you have there pervert! All those nude photos of women on your blog are someone's daughter, sister or mom. Leaked or not - it's all pornography. Get off your high horse!

oh my god dude haha i know, ranting on the internet is useless but i did it anyway, you can have an opinion different than mine. and now that u said it, yes i hope jennifer sees it and falls in love with me God that you’re up there, do something about this. and well, those nude photos on my blog either pornography or whatever are on the internet with consent (i guess tho, i dont know everything haha) you even call me a pervert it’s funny i don’t know why i answer to this. chill man, its only a blog, be less rude.

Justified rant. I would live here forever and ever.